About Us

SoCal Jet Services, Inc. was founded in April of 2007. The purpose of building a Aircraft maintenance Service Center was so that we could provide the best Service experience to all of our clients while cater to all Aircraft maintenance needs. We have steadily grown to become one of Southern California’s most trusted Aircraft inspection and Aircraft Maintenance Company.

With over 30 years of experience in Aircrafts and Aircraft Maintenance, both Fernando and I worked many years at the Citation Service Center, a major branch of Cessna and one of the world’s most well-known Aircraft Manufacturing companies.

Both of us spent many years as Crew Chiefs and familiarized ourselves with CESCOM, CAMP system and Aircraft logistics. Our experience with Aircraft consulting and Aircraft maintenance at Cessna has helped to build SoCal Jet Services into a trusted and efficient business and it is our pleasure to work with private / Fractional operators locally and globally.

SoCal Jet Services, Inc. recruits factory trained and Flight Safety trained technicians who were formerly employed by Cessna Citation Service Centers. SoCal Jet Services is an Air Frame & Power Plant certified, Flight Safety certificated and FAA Repair Station Authorized Company and can provide proof upon request.

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